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Airbus Beluga XL enters service

The Airbus Beluga XL completed its first operational flight on January 9th.

The Beluga XL’s first flight was from Toulouse to Bremen and Chester before returning to Toulouse. 

The first Airbus Beluga XL began operations after more than 700 hours and 200 test flights by two aircraft that culminated in the airworthiness certification by EASA.

After several months on the ground to disassemble the test equipment and prepare it for commercial operation, the aircraft received its final registration, F-GXLH, before entering service.

The Beluga XL that has entered service is the second of the two to be produced. The first of them will be operated by Airbus as a development aircraft, not making commercial flights. It will be the last of the six Beluga XL planned to enter service in 2023.