Airbus resumes production in China

Airbus is resuming production at its A320 final assembly line in Tianjin, China. After having suspended operations since February 5th, due to the outbreak of coronavirus in China.

The European manufacturer said Chinese authorities authorized it to increase production gradually. Airbus says it is implementing safety measures to protect the health of its employees.

“Airbus constantly evaluates the situation and monitors any possible impact on production and deliveries and will try to mitigate through alternative plans when necessary. Airbus will provide updates as the situation evolves,” the company said in a statement.

The Tianjin plant produces six units of the A320 per month , that is, approximately 10% of the global production of this family of aircraft.

No other aircraft manufacturer has announced plans to resume operations in China. The Boeing plant in Zhoushan remains closed and hasn’t indicated when they may reopen.

Airbus noted that the company extended the Chinese New Year holiday allowing its 2,500 workers more time off.