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Boeing Producing Face Shields For Health Care Workers

Boeing is utilising 3D-printing technology at several of its facilities across the United States to mass produce face-shields to protect front line key workers fighting to curtail the spread of coronavirus.

“Our initial production goal is to produce thousands of face-shields per week followed by subsequent production increases,” says a company statement.

“Boeing has additive manufacturing machines at St Louis, Missouri; at El Segundo, California; Mesa, Arizona; Huntsville, Alabama and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that are being used for this initial response for as long as those facilities remain in operation, consistent with federal, state and local health orders and the health and safety of [our] employees,” it adds.

The company is also making available the unique Dreamlifter, one of the largest air cargo transporters in the world, to help carry urgent emergency supplies to healthcare professionals. “We’re co-ordinating closely with government officials on how best to provide our support,” says the manufacturer.

Boeing has already donated tens of thousands of masks, gloves and other medical equipment to hospitals in need. The company is currently examining other ways it can use its engineering, manufacturing and logistics expertise to help the global effort against the spread of the virus.