Burkina Faso orders Airbus C295

Airbus C295

The Airbus Military Aircraft division sold a C295 to the Burkina Faso government.

Airbus said the Ministry of Defense of Burkina Faso signed a purchase contract for a C295 aircraft.

“The C295 is adapted to operate in the harsh environment of sub-Saharan Africa. It’s affordable operating and maintenance costs make the C295 the perfect combination for the climatic conditions of Burkina Faso.”

Burkina Faso is located in the western part of Africa, without access to the sea, and has about 18 million inhabitants. Neighboring countries such as Mali, Ghana, or Ivory Coast already have C295 units in their air forces. Throughout the continent, there are up to 36 transport aircraft assembled in the Seville factory of San Pablo.

The C295 costs about 35 million euros and more than 250 units have been sold to date. The aircraft is currently operating on four continents (Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia).

The last major operation was the sale agreement by the consortium formed by Airbus and the Indian manufacturer Tata with the Indian Government to acquire 56 military transport aircraft of these characteristics. The first 16 units will be assembled in Seville and the rest in India.

Before the end of the year, the first C295 will be delivered to Canada, of the 16 that the Royal Canadian Air Force has bought.