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EasyJet Grounds Entire Fleet

EasyJet (U2) has fully grounded its entire fleet of aircraft until further notice due to unprecedented travel restrictions imposed by governments, in what is yet another budget airline that has befallen to the COVID-19 crisis.

The carrier has been operating rescue flights in the past month, though it grounded most of its planes last Tuesday. It will however continue to operate additional rescue flights if requested by government entities.

In a statement, the budget airline writes that its decision to fully ground its fleet was caused by “the unprecedented travel restrictions imposed by governments in response to the coronavirus pandemic and the implementation of national lockdowns across many European countries.”

Having made in recent days 650+ flights to get 45,000+ travelers back home, the carrier says it will continue to work with government entities to operate additional rescue flights as requested.

In addition, thanks to an agreement reached with the Unite union, the airline’s cabin crew will receive an average of 80% of their pay through a government scheme for the next two months.

As travel has been barred from most of Europe, Asia, and the US, and business conferences, sporting events, music festivals, and other large public gatherings have been scrapped or postponed, it is the aviation industry that is ultimately taking the brunt of the pandemic fallout.