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Ethiopia plans to release interim jet crash report as probe continues

Ethiopia intends to publish an interim report on the Boeing 737 MAX accident. Which killed 157 people, before the first anniversary of the tragedy, the country’s chief accident investigator, told Reuters.

“We are not prepared to publish the final report, so we are thinking of making a provisional one public before the anniversary of the accident. We are finalizing it,” said Ayalew, who refused to give a precise date for the publication of the final report.

According to ICAO regulations, which do not participate in the accident investigations, Ethiopia should publish a final report before the first anniversary of the accidentThe spokesman for the Ethiopian Ministry of Transportation declined to explain why the final report has not been released. The investigation committee is expected to meet in the coming weeks to work on the report. A senior official of the Ministry of Transportation told Reuters that the final report was far from complete.

In April of last year, the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority published a preliminary report that revealed that defective sensor readings and multiple automatic commands to lift the nose of the plane contributed to the fatal accident and left the crew struggling to regain control. 

Experts said the preliminary document left unanswered questions, which are expected to be addressed in the interim report, about why the plane did not respond to the pilot and autopilot commands, including two final pilot instructions approximately 30 seconds. Before the accident.