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Malta Intl Airport reveals €100M expansion plan

Malta International Airport has made an investment of around 100 million euros in the expansion of the terminal, intending to increase air traffic by up to 3%, to reach 7.5 million flights in 2020.

The executive president of the Malta international airport, Alan Borg, says that “the terminal expansion project will equip us with the ability to handle greater traffic growth and allow us to offer a five-star airport experience. This will be achieved through a combination of greater operating space, a superior offer of F&B and retail, a greater sense of place, and the use of cutting-edge technologies.”

In this way, the project includes a gradual development of the terminal that will occupy around 31,200 square meters, that is, double the current. This project will mainly focus on improving the experience and airport processes at the critical points of the passenger’s trip, especially in the check-in room, the security control area, and at the boarding gates.

The design of the extended terminal captures the spirit of the Maltese islands. Through the use of traditional patterns and materials, colors evoke the sea and clear skies.

Since sustainability is an essential value for the company, energy efficiency and water consumption considerations will be another pillar of the expansion project. Smart technologies, which include a new building management system to allow optimization of energy and water management and better insulation, are some of the improvements that will contribute to the development of an energy efficiency building, which will play a role prominent in the company’s journey towards achieving carbon neutrality.

Malta’s Minister of Tourism, Julia Farrugia Portelli, explained that “the terminal expansion project is another major investment that will undoubtedly leave a positive impact on our tourism industry.”