Tanzania won’t block China flights

Tanzania has no plans to halt flights from China amid coronavirus fears.

The government vows to double down on preventive and preparedness measures in response to the deadly coronavirus outbreak, the Daily News reports.

According to the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA), the focus remains on strengthening preventive measures for travelers jetting in the country.

TCAA is optimistic that the risk of the spread of the novel coronavirus is minimal on the ground and that there are no direct flights between Tanzania and China.

“Passengers destined to Tanzanian pass through some secondary screening, which minimizes the risks of spreading the disease to Tanzania,” said TCAA Director-General Mr. Hamza Johari

The TCAA director noted that even though there is neither ban on flights or passengers from China, the government is on alert. They are monitoring visitors and tracking their movements while in the country.

The government has dispatched a standby ambulance at Julius Nyerere airport, as well as gloves and disinfectant for protecting airport workers who are in close contact with international arriving passengers.